Big help

Jun 12, 2007
Just signed in after lurking for six months!I got a 74 Commando that had seen little use and read all the posts.The bike is running great now and I am really enjoying riding her.One question,why is this model called an Artic Frog? I think it is better looking than most new sport bikes and certainly handles well. :D gordo
Never heard the term "arctic frog" used for a commando before, however, mention of that term brings to mind the Commando John Player Special with the large quarter fairing with dual headlights, predominantly white with a small amount of blue and red striping. Did you get a John Player Special?
Yes this is my second John Player Special.Back in '74 I bought a JPN and put 50K miles on her,mainly as a commuter bike.
Wow, I'm impressed. I've done well over 100k miles on commandos in my lifetime, but only about 10 miles on a JPN. I found it to be extremely uncomfortable for me and was quite happy to get off of it. So, are you bringing it to the Norton National rally in Utah? Last time they had a National in Utah, 7 JPNs were in attendance. I'll be taking my Featherlastic.

Enjoy your "Arctic Frog"