Alternative exhaust pipe connections?????

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Dec 19, 2004
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Just came from another Norton forum group where someone was moaning that his exhaust thread had finally stripped out. I recommended to him a few places where he could have the inserts done.
However, this got me thinking maybe there is a better way to fix them.
What would be so hard about welding up an area between the fins on each side of the port then drill and tap it for 8mm studs and use an exhaust flange similiar to, dare I say it, a Jap bike.
Or, how about welding two or three heavy wire hoops on the pipe and attach it to the head with springs, like, dare I say it, a dirt bike.
I was wondering if any had ever seen anything like this done and know if it worked or not, or any other alternative for that matter?

hey, justa thought,
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