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Dec 5, 2005
The 74 850 I am restoring did not have a filter, I have obtained a plate that mates to the carb's along with the mesh and a new filter element. So this should all mate up to the other side of the filter assy attached to the frame.
First the carb end of the assy matches up in the 750/850 parts book as a 750 item, my obtained item has the extra baffling, what is this for and will it work on an 850?
Second I have painted the part attached to the frame black, but what colour should the part that mates wit the carb's, is it silver along with the mesh?

Thanx in advance

The plate and screen are silver for a '74. The 750 baffle plate is to reduce air intake noise and will work fine for your 850. The tough part is attaching the rubber connectors. I use a piece of cardboard to cover the holes in the air box (this is with the airbox fully attached to the bike), then work the rubber down from the top until it is fitted over the carb adapter ring and flat against the cardboard. Then slide the carboard out and work the rubber into the hole in the filter plate.
Rubbers & Fun

Thanx Ron, I thought it was silver but was after confirmation. Can't wait to juggle with the rubber connectors. I guess that's why some folk ditch the original set up?

Best Regards Richard
I think my method was to mount the rubbers to the plate, attach them to the carbs, then slide the filter element in from the side while pushing the plate against the carbs. Start the filter/screen rotated about 45', then straighten it upright as you push the top into place. Make sure to get the screen inside the plates' border/edge before fitting the holding bolts. ( it might have been carbs first, then plate? -been years since I've done it)
I have found Jotas method the easiest also.

I fit the rubber hoses on the plate first, the fit them over the carbys. Then place towel/rag over the primary to protect it from being marked by the mesh.

Now, the mesh usually has a "smooth" edge & a "rough edge, make sure the smooth edge is to the front as you have to manouvre it over the rubber hoses on the front plate. I have found that the "smooth" edge slides over them easier.

Just my 2 bobs worth for what it is worth !
Jota's method is how I have installed my 850 style. However this cannot be done with the 750's baffle.
I will have to try Ron's method some day.
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