Additional lighting

Feb 12, 2013
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I bought a GEC Nighthawk LED headlamp assembly some years ago. Its brilliant on high beam but not so much on low beam when cars are heading towards you. I installed 2 LED spot lights beside the Headlamp with the idea of seeing around corners better [ aimed high so when you lean over, the point in about the right direction- hopefully]. They only work on high beam though. Biggest problem really is my eyesight isn't as good as it was 40 years ago. Best solution is to only drive during the day time.
Still I like night driving up here where I live.
The night lights advantage is it doesn't draw much power [ only 8 watts with both beams working ], so my original charging system works fine. Its brighter than my h4 60w bulbs and h4 lens [ which incidentally, was a better light than that on my mates late model Guzzi 1100 ]. I stayed with 60 watts because of the charging system.
I think twin headlamps that are 4 feet apart are the answer [ as on a car ]. I don't have a problem driving my VX Land-Cruiser at night.