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Jul 26, 2005
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I recently purchased a 1968 Norton that has been transformed into a Production Racer Replica. A lot of nice work has been done here, however, I inadvertantly found out that there were problems with the frame bending, and I beleive that I have one with the problem. The frame is comprised of a large tube that intersects with the headstock and down tubes. A realtively thin U shaped gusset plate is attached to the bottom of the fat tube and the side of the the headstock. The lugs for the gas tank are welded to the down tubes. If in fact I have one of these, how could it have lasted all these years? And if in fact it is a problem, whats the fix. Thanks

Two ways to remedy the situation. Replace the frame with one from 1969-1970 (or later if you are not worried about originality) and transfer your red serial number tag to the new frame, or weld in a tubular brace from the bottom of the headstock to the main tube just before the down tubes, effectively converting your frame to the later type.

Don't risk riding the bike with it's current frame. I have seen several with the steering head nearly fractured completely from the frame.

Norton replaced these frames free of charge in '68 but it amazes me how many are still out there
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