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Aug 6, 2005
I am looking for a simplified wiring diagram and thought I remembered someone here that had a simplified wiring diagram for a commando? I have a rats nest of a harness and over the winter have developed an intermittent short, possibly internal wire. I would like to redo the wiring omitting all of the unnecessary bits and just have the basics plus are there any provisions for the boyer I need to consider.

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Try oldbritts.com in 2004 they were developing a simplified harness. Don't know if they ever got it done.
Thanks for the responses. I ran the commando for 3000 flawless miles last fall, first time in over five years f struggling with it. Put it up for the winter and now it has an electrical gremlin. Looses spark for no reason and can happen after 30 seconds of idle or 1 mile riding, boom dead intermittent. So I figure since I have an old harness on the bike now this is an opportune time to rewire simplified. And I was looking so forward to riding the bike again this Spring. Again thanks for the links guys.

...hmmm, are you running Boyer electronic ignition ? If so I would check out the wiring on that first. They are a bit renowned for loose connections, chafed wires etc . I would trace the problem first before diving in & replacing the harness....
Kill switch will do exactly as you describe. you will do well to carry a short wire in your headlight shell to wire around it. If your bike has been caught in the rain the switch will fail it's behavior is just as you said run a little than not, do a little more fixing go for a ride it dies again. Fix ride and repeat till you get the kill switch working or removed.
Boyer had the solder connections converted to screws already as well as the kill switch being bypassed. So there has to be corrosion in one of the crappy lucas connectors somewhere in the harness, grounds are good and secure. The bike ran fantastic when put up for the winter. Winter was extremely damp and cold this year. Everything in the garage was wet and had white corrosian on it as the weather warmed up. I figured and intermittent short somewhere in a wiring harness that is suspect is harder to fix or trace than it is to rewire a simplified version harness eliminating circuits I don't need, using only basic lights and ignition.
Check the fuse and fuse holder connections for corrosion too.
I posted a reply yesterday, but it apparently has evaporated.
One of our knowledgeable contributors -- Ron L -- has a beautifully simple diagram which includes relays for lighting, horn etc..I used it to rewire my own 850 with very satisfying results, perhaps contacting Ron L direct will get you what you are looking for.
Good Luck. James
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