Wheel Offset on '73 Commando Roadster

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Hi Guys,I am posting this for a friend. Anybody know or know where I can find the info on the correct wheel offset for this model? Please excuse my ignorance....I ride BMW's..:0)
He is re-spoking with Stainless steel spoke s and nipples and he ( we) didn't measure the offsets before we stripped the wheels down. Thanks for any help.
Wheel offsets

This is on the NOC website at www.noc.co.uk

Thanks to everyone who responded with measurements of their wheels. While waiting for responses, I was able to find someone who has built a fair number of wheels who gave me copies of his notes about the correct offsets. I also spoke to Ron Fratturelli of British Marketing who gave me quotes from the specs they have there at British Marketing.

The specs are 1/2" from the hub rotor flange to the rim for the front, and 1" to 1-1/16" from the edge of the hub on the cush drive side of the rear wheel to the rim. That puts the rear rim in the centre of the swinging arm.

The fascinating part of this exercise is that several people said their front rims were centred in the middle of their forks (or felt they should be centred). Neither my wheel, nor the specs. have the rim centred in the forks; it has an offset of about 3/16". I don't know if this is a Mk.lll specific offset or if all front disc-braked Commando rims are supposed to be offset.

John S. Morris (jsm@mediaone.net) on NOC-L 4th. Oct 1997
Wheel offset additional

I am looking for similar information but I am building a non-standard wheel. Does anyone have the hub offset for a '71-'74 rear drum calculated from the centerline of the rim. I have changed from a WM2 to a WM4 and did a similar thing as 'Vosper'. I cut the wheel down before taking full measurements. I already know that many say WM4 is too much so please don't flame me. I have probably heard it before.
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