Warning light assimilator, Capacitor, Rectifier

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Can anybody please tell me where I'm supposed to install on a 1973 norton commando roadster 850 the warning light assimilator, rectifier and capacitor?

Actually, to make it a bit more clear, where on the bike are they supposed to fasten?
the assimilator mounts on a spring that is attacht to the left rear coil mount bolt.
the rectifier mounts on the left top side cover mounting bracket from the rear. the stud on it is used as one of the bolts for that bracket.

the blue MC2 capacitor mounts on the rear fender bracket to frame bolt on the left. this bracket is the one that is visable in the battery tray at the rear plate from the main backbone to the rear hoop.
hope this helps

Assimilator mounting


I have two kinds of warning light assimilators for a '74 Commando. Both are the old round type. One has the spring mount and the other, a brand new one, just has an "L" bracket attached to the end.

Anyone had any experience mounting these without using the spring?

DON'T DO IT! These archaic mechanical devices are extremely shock sensitive. It is a wonder they survive even with the spring. If you take apart a dead one you'll see what I mean. The INOA Tech Digest has a schematic for making a solid state version, but I could never get mine to work (I'm obviously not an electronics tech!). I bought a unit from RGM which is solid state, but is wired differently. Seems to last much longer (3 years now).

Ron L
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