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Aug 11, 2006
Hi Folks-
Speaking of transfers (see previous post), something has me puzzled. It seems that one can only get the "Norton" and "750/850 Commando" transfers in what I call "late model" form. I swear that the originals I've had were in the various colors with outlining. Silver/black, gold/black, black/gold. The side cover transfers look to be a bit longer, as well. When I ask suppliers about this, they act as though I just fell out of the sky with a "I ask stupid questions" t-shirt on! When I was doing really a-retentive restos years ago I did get hold of some old, original varnish transfers for the side panels on my Fastback and they were, indeed a bit longer, and gold with black outline. Other than the black/gold "Norton" transfer printed on clear that you have to trim up to work and the '70 roadster side cover transfers I can't source anything that looks like the originals. Just the monochrome ones. Any ideas? Am I slipping back into the clutches of a-retention? :shock: Thanks for any info.

Kansas, America
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By Golly! That's them! What a relief that I haven't lost my mind or been suffering delusions. I had a look through their website. VERY comprehensive selection. Thank you very much for the reply!

Kansas, America
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