TLS problems SOLVED!

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Apr 15, 2004
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TLS problems SOLVED!

NOW it stops!

the details:

Stock rotor, drilled and resurfaced
Rebuilt stock caliper with emgo pads (they were cheap and they work)
One piece custom line
Nissin master cylinder from a CBR600F2
Switch cluster from a Kaw ZX something - provides brake light wiring, kill switch, and even an e-start button (great for confusing friends)

I'm currently using a borrowed wheel with my rotor and new K81. Strong, solid braking, tracks straight and true, NO headshake. I'm jazzed! :D :D

71/72 750 Roadster
Woo Hoo! I can feel your enthusiasm from here.


PS: I like the gold paint on the rotor. Did mine all in silver, but yours gives the impression of a floating caliper.
Debbie! Looks beautiful! Remember to pad the metal brake line with something, when you get your wheel back on...or it will eat a groove into your fork slide in short order. Mine just runs down, with no holder/tie wrap....or....I see what is different....where is the holder for the brake line/connection fitting and the short tube to the caliper? Have you forgotten, or just made a custom setup?

Your new disc brake setup looks great!

I also really like the looks of your Dunlop front tire. I’m currently running Avons, which perform well but are too modern looking for my thirty-year-old bike. I will definitely install Dunlops the next tire change.

What year / model Suzuki is in the background?

Also, any more info on whether or not the front rim is asymmetrical?

It's a custom one-piece line so there's no steel pipe or connecting hw. There is a clear plastic coating over the braid so hopefully that will keep it from sawing through things.

Good eye! The background bike is a 1979 Suzuki GS1000. It was for sale locally and I couldn't pass it up. I got it for $800 - imagine, an entire motorcycle for the price of a Norton (steel) gas tank! And the bike is mint. It's not a rusted out "barn fresh" junker. It's too big and heavy to challenge a Norton in the canyons but has a great motor and should be perfect for weekend getaways. I'm probably going to sell the Ducati. It's just too uncomfortable.

I like the K81's but be warned they will make the bike wiggle a bit on rain-grooved roads. You have to be willing to accept that. Venoms are very popular with the guys in our local NOC.

Let's see now. A Norton, a Ducati, an Enfield and a Suzuki, maybe more.
It apears that you have the FEVER!!!
MichaelB said:
Let's see now. A Norton, a Ducati, an Enfield and a Suzuki, maybe more.
It apears that you have the FEVER!!!

I'm afraid so. It seems to be a disease without a cure. Currently in the garage:

1971/2 750 Roadster
1977 Suzuki GS550B
1979 Suzuki GS1000N
1997 Ducati 900 SS/CR
2003 Royal Enfield Bullet 500

I'll probably sell the Ducati. It's too uncomfortable, too hard to maintain, and it's only good for going fast which I don't even like to do anymore. I'm old not bold. The vintage bikes are a lot more fun.

Nice setup!


Nice setup! I like to see that level of execution....

I am running K81's - put them on not long after I got this bike last summer. And I ride on 1 twisty road which is grooved for about 1/4 mile, not too bad at all. The stop sign at the end of that road is where I got hit a few days ago.

Have fun!

Nice brake

Hi Debby,

Looks nice. Please watch that disc for any stress cracks. I don't have first hand experience, but Mike Morse from Vintage Brake while giving an talk to the local club said never drill a Norton disc, it will crack during use.

I just changed out K81's to avon am18 am20 combo and I will NEVER go back to K81's. if you are into riding your bike than you will be making a BIG mistake just for looks. like debby said they track ANY small grove in the road and make the bike wiggle. they are even worse when you cross the painted strips. it also feels like I have more lean angle than the K81's had :D . there is a group of us going to the NC-TN-VA mountains next week for a ride so I need all the lean I can get 8) .

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