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Apr 15, 2004
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Hi, it's me again with another dumb question :)

I removed the swingarm to get the worn bushings renewed. It's all ready for reassemby now, but I have a little problem. The factory said to use 140wt gear oil but that seems to be unavailable here in cowtown usa (denver). The closest I can find is 85W140. Will that work or will it be too runny? And will that british grease fitting work with a standard grease gun or do I have to order a special grease gun from England? Or is there a better way to get the gear oil in?

What was in the spindle cavity looked suspiciously like grease. Wasn't much of it in there either.

I usually remove the central fixing bolt (1/4-28) from the spindle, then fill a large plastic syringe with 140 wt, remove the zerk fitting and with a short length of plastic tubing, seal against the hole and fill it until it begins to ooze out the hole from the central fixing bolt. Then I quickly remove the tubing and screw the zerk back in. Lastly, I refit the swing arm spindle bolt.

Of course, never use grease on the spindle. You'll ruin the spindle in record time. There is a special "oil gun" which will handle the 140 wt oil if you can find it.

Ron L
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Well, that's a very good question. Where indeed? Around here the snowblower shops have all shut down for the season and in socal I don't think you'll find any at all! I suspect I'll have to settle for 85-140 and resign myself to a puddle of gear oil under the swingarm to match the pool of oil under the crankcase :(

My last quart of 140 wt came from an industrial lubricant supply. A quart can fill a lot of spindles, so that was probably 10 years ago. I understand that some outboard motors use 140 wt in the lower end, so marine supply may be a possibility too.

Or silicone seal the spindle end caps and use 90 wt.

Ron L
Industrial gear lube

Thanks for the tip on the industial oil. I checked with Graingers, a national Industrial Supply Co. and they have it. They have at least two, made by Mobil. They have a synthetic for $10.60 qt #4ZF30, or dyno oil @ $12.49 for a gallon, #6Y785.
Can't imagine using a gallon in my entire lifetime. But at least it's still made.
Graingers is @ www.grainger.com/ Type in 4ZF30 in the advanced search.
wow, graingers just opened an office right down the street from where I work! Thanks for the tip, I'd never heard of them before but had noticed the signs. I'll go over at lunch and see if they're willing to sell me a qt. Had resigned myself to using 85-140 and having a drooling swingarm pivot.

Maybe I should buy a gallon and package it for resale on ebay :)

The e-bay thing is probably not a bad idea. (chuckle, chuckle)
I scored the gearl oil! Also a syringe at the local hw store. Tomorrow I'm off to purchase insurance and registration. With a little luck, my Norton will be snortin this weekend!! :D

I use the hand pump from my MGA car tool set. MGA's have the same type of oil fitting on the steering rack (of course most people put in grease!) for oil only. It is a very simple small hand plunger type. These don't fall of off trees but they can be found at Brit Car swap meets. Other makes of Brit cars came with them also. Look on e-bay under British Car tools and you might find one. I have found nothing else that makes filling the swing arm so easy as this pump, most time is taken by removing the center swing arm bolt. Good luck.
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