some new news..

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Jul 18, 2005
.. for me and you!

finally got a nice craftsman motorcycle jack..

still havent gotten my parts from corbin, norvil, oldbritts, or cnw.

but.. news from cnw! i dont know if this isnt supposed to be talked about, but when i called matt the other day asking him some questions about the sparx alternator, i inquired about purchasing a pair of those old saddlebags he made (or seeing if he could make a pair for me). well he told me that around june/july, there should be some available that are slightly better. apparantly the designs for those saddlebags were sent to someone and that person (or matt), improved the design a lot more. they will be a little big bigger, look better, and fit better..

man i cant wait!

anyone else have any pics of custom saddlebags or a company who makes em??
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