Sealing gas cap to alloy tank

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Jul 18, 2004
I have an alloy tank. The gas cap appears to sealed with some type of glue substance. It appears that gas has gotten out and between the primer and base/clear coats lifting he paint. (the paint is loose but in place - like loose plastic wrap) It is not leaking from the rubber gasket, but out from under the base of the cap if I fill it up to the top. Obviously I don't fill it up to the top now but I woudl like to get it sealed properly.
Some of he glue has softened and came off, but that was after the damage was done and it hasn't gotten worse.

I need to repair a dent in the tank :x this winter, so I will be repainting the tank regardless.
Any suggestions on sealing the cap?

I don't have a close-up photo on hand. This might help.
Sealing gas cap to alloy tank

Hi Fastback, You could try JB Weld,this is a two pack,metal bonding product,works very well on metal build up and sealing, it is gas and oil resistant and VERY strong.Other methods involve a naked flame- - not wise around a gas tank unless you are a pro.- you could run a pipe into the tank from a car exhaust pipe -- engine running of course-- this fills the tank with CO and displaces gasoline fumes.Stick with JB Weld to be safe. Ride safely. James.
If your taking it to Ross Thomson to get the dent out why not just follow his advise. He's done hunderds of alloy tanks.
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