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Dec 30, 2003
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There's a Dunstall dual disc brake front end on e-bay for the next 5 days.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... 95546&rd=1
These are usually pretty expensive when they do show up, but might be cheaper than the dual disc conversions out there now. For those of you that have commented about wanting better front brakes...Debby, here you go.
Thanks, David but I don't need them. Already have everything I need. I just have to get those circlip grooves cleaned up and get a brake line made. Then I can do the big changeover! Nissin mc, stock caliper, stock rotor drilled and resurfaced. Should do nicely.

Others have commented that these dunstall disks never worked very well...

I'm not sure I would call the Dunstall double disc brake an "improvement". I have a set on my cafe racer and while they look neat, they do not perform any better than the single stock disc. The rotors are smaller in diameter, so less mechanical advantage. The pistons are small and are aluminum in an aluminum bore. Very crude in the typical Dunstall fashion. New seals are nearly impossible to find, as are the pads. I had to resort to making a set by cutting down a stock Norton pad and then thinning it.
I would gladly trade this set-up for a 13" floating disc, caliper and mount for a stock disc brake leg!
Dunstall dual disc

Hi Ron,

I posted because this setup doesn't come up very often, but is usually very popular...meaning sells for a lot. As you said it really looks nice.

My only experience for Commando front brakes is the standard Lockheed/Norton singel disc setup. It has always worked well for me, so will continue with it on my '72 750.
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