Fit a Drum brake front end?

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Yep same mudgardss fit drum or disc just the lower slider differ
but non issue to the SS bracket-brace on ebay.

I drilled out a good bit of Ms Peels to gain a few more oz's
in total removed to notice.

What year as the bridge and stays were widend in 71 to take a 410x19 front tyre the bridge shown in your photo is the later type.
$32.65 to ship a small SS bracket :!: (international orders) While there may be *some* bargains or stuff you can't get anywhere else on e-bay, I always check the shipping charges and stay away from the ones making more money on shipping than on the parts they sell.

I just figure what it's worth to me, deduct the shipping and bid the rest and I DO NOT get into "Bidding Wars".
$10.99 shipping is high but it's not freakishly high.

For the nearly $40 (ouch!) that one's already bid up to (with shipping) I'd get a piece of stainless sheet and make my own.
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