Rabers - thumbs up!

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Apr 15, 2004
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My Norton's head is being rebuilt by a head shop in Denver. They do good work, I'm told, but are making me order the parts. Grrr. OldBritts, my usual supplier, didn't have the oversized bronze valve guides I needed. So I had to call around. I hate calling around because sometimes the parts guys aren't too happy about dealing with a dumb girl. Some are cool but some are not. So it's fear and loathing time when I reach reluctantly for the phone.

This time I gave Raber's a try. Didn't know if they'd be open on a holiday weekend (Turkey Day here in the USA). But they were, and the guy on the line was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. And - he had everything I needed (basically every moving part in the cylinder head). The parts go out Monday and my headman should have them by the end of the week. These guys rock! They're definitely going on my approved vendors list :)

Just wanted to share. I've seen some posts recently asking for parts sources...

I agree with you 100 percent. Even though I live in Hong Kong and sometimes source parts from all over the world I always pay a visit to Raber's when I am in the vicinity. The company is a family business run by Bob and Betsy Raber and everyone in the shop is a great enthusiast and very knowledgeable. Invariably when you see something on e-bay with a notice saying; 'extremely rare NOS, buy it now price $382' you can call up Richard the parts guru and he will sell one to you at $27.50. They also sell bikes, 2nd hand parts and have comprehensive workshop facilities able to do anything British. In my book highly recommended.
Hey Guys...I agree I have ordered parts from Rabers twice now. Both times I spoke with Mike...He was very friendly, and knowledgeable. I have been very satisfied.
May seem like a dumb question to those of you who have dealt with this firm.....but how would a dummy get in touch with them? Address, phone, website? Some of us just aren't "in the know"......

Greetings from a small, cold, cluttered room in Germany, with a refection of snow blowing by the window in the monitor screen...... :wink:

Rabers - thumbs up!
Dear He etc. (I'm too lazy to input your entire soubriquet)
Contact details are; Rabers Parts Mart. 1984 Stone Avenue. San Jose, California. tel 408-998-4495 fax 408-998-0642. They also have a web site do a google search using the full company name.
I can empathise with your cold weather trials and tribulations. Here in Hong Kong the wind-chill factor has forced me to don a T-shirt whilst outdoors this afternoon.
They also have a web site do a google search using the full company name.

dave M,

I put a link to the Rabers website in my previous message!!
dave M
Thanks for the "NA,NA,NA, NA ,NA, NA"....just what I needed. If I ran around with no shirt on here now, the goosebumps would start honking.....and my wife would collect the insurance faster than I had planned. And maybe sell my bike to the kid next door.....God forbid.

Enjoy your weather and keep your shorts on at least.... :wink:
Sorry L.A.B. I'm not very computer literate and didn't recognise the link. It must be something to do with the heat - mad dogs and Englishmen etc.

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