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May 9, 2008
Hi, all:

I'd like to ask a couple of questions to prepare to rebuild my 73 Roadster.

1) Rechroming the exhaust pipes: All the platers I know of (not many) require the pipes to be squeeky clean and free of carbon before they'll rechrome them. Can anybody offer advice or experience on how to de-coke pipes? I've read some stuff about using lye, but never heard of any success stories. The reason I want to rechrome is that my present pipes are original, balanced pipes, which I'd like to retain. If I can get them rechromed, I am thinking about getting them internally ceramic coated to prevent future blueing.

2) Repainting the frame: I'd like to paint the frame, rather than powdercoat. I think the powdercoat goes on too thick, and loses it's gloss. I think I'd like to use Imron. Trouble is, in Southern California almost no one can spray Imron. Anybody got any advice on a good, long-lasting, high gloss paint for frames? Or (really long shot) anyone still stove enamal frames in the US?

Finally, does anyone have any recommendations for either frame paint-shops or platers, preferably within reasonable driving distance of Riverside, CA?

It takes a wire brush that fits the pipe snuggly on a flexible spring type drill extension. There is no chemical removal only softening. The two smoker guys have this down pat.
Send your frame just outside the border for Imron paint work. It's got to be a bit of an industry with all the things banned there.
A base coat ,clear coat, has to be very near the same quality job just have to use the right hardener in the right proportions to keep the clear from chipping too easily.
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