Paint removal on a Commando cylinder head

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Mar 1, 2007
I purchased a used commando but the previous owner painted the cylinder black. YUK. I want it off with the least damage to the aluminum. I do have a sandblasting cabinet. What is the best media to use to remove the nasty black paint without damaging the aluminum. If possible I would prefer a media that leaves a smoother shiny finish. I don't think sand is the answer. Would glass beads work well or maybe plastic or walnut shells. I was able to remove a lot of the nasty black with paint stripper but there is still a lot left in the tighter areas. Any suggestions???
I don't think walnut shells will cut the paint. I have never tried the plastic. I use glass bead on cylinder heads after washing thoroughly with a degreaser and/or solvent to remove grease and oil first. After blasting I wash the head in very hot water and laundry detergent scrubbing with various brushes taking care to clean oil holes with small laboratory style brushes or pipe cleaners. Rinse thorughly with clean water and blow the head dry with air, paying close attention to nooks and crannies where beads may rest. Then, do it again with fresh hot water and detergent.

It is important to degrease first as the beads will imbed in any pocket of caked grease and eventually find their way into the oil and your bearings.
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