oil problem

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Aug 11, 2003
I posted about my charging problem on my Triton and found a corroded connector, fixed it, started the bike, perfect charging but oil being pumped out the crankcase breather at a very high rate.

The chaincase was totally full of engine oil.

I could not think that a blown seal could do this since the oil pump should keep the sump level fairly low so i removed the timing cover and pump, checked all the oil ways and found them to be clear. Took the sump drain off, also clear and i can blow through all the pipes.

The oil pipes are the right way round.

I have a new Morgo plunger pump so i fitted this and poured over a pint of oil into the sump through one of the holes inside the timing cover.

No oil in the tank so far. I poured some oil down the reurn pipe untill it came out the pump hole on the case, I primed the pump body and fitted it. With the return pipe still disconnected i have been cranking like crazy but still no oil coming through the return pipe. Can you get enough movement with the kickstart to get the oil to return? Or any other ideas?t
I had the plugs out when kicking but i have tried to push as suggested.

I am limited with space but have about 10 yards. Have pushed in gear as fast as i can about ten times, i am sweating now but no sign of oil from the pipe. (backwards to start in neutral)

I really don't understand it surely i should get some oil returning.

any other ideas
If a Triumph type oil pump stops working (either feed or scavenge side) then the most common problem is normally a jammed ball valve.

The smallest piece of dirt or swarf can cause this.
Have you checked the valve on the scavenge side of the pump?
Tried the ball valves and they seem free in both the old pump and the new Morgo one. No sign of dirt, i am at a loss at the moment to think of an answer.

I tried filling the return pipe with oil to see if even any air would bubble up when pushing the bike but nothing. I took the pump off again and the oil came out of the hole in the case.

I am tempted to rebuild and start the engine but the problem is, its a Triton, central oil tank with no provision to see if the oil is returning, stupid design.

Maybe give it anther push tomorrow

On a better note my rebuild of my MK11A is complete and it is booked in for an MOT friday morning, it better pass or this will be a poor week.
Have you checked that the holes in the pump gasket have been punched out correctly? And that they line up with oil holes in both in the pump and crankcase?
Is it leaking from the pushrod tubes ? If not, then there must be a lack of oil :lol:

The only real solution for this problem is to put a Norton engine back where it belongs :twisted: .

Have you tried asking Morgo what they think ?
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