Oil pressure release valve.

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Jul 24, 2006
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I'm sure I read the answer to the question I am about to ask, but after spending nearly an hour reading old postings, can't find it, so I apologise in advance.

Today I decided to dismantle my oil pressure release valve to give it a clean and check all was free. What suprised me was that there were no shims in it, just the plunger and the spring. I'm sure somebody posted on here that they left the factory with a standard number of shims i.e. a standard setting. Did they have a standard number or were they all set individually after being pressure tested.

The release valve on my Norton is a stainless steel item, and therefore I assume aftermarket. Although (I think) I understand that the shims only make a difference when the engine is cold, so do you think I should worry about this and put at least one shim in?
The pressure relief valve should be pre-set to operate at between 45-55psi, this is achieved by fitting from 0 to 5 shims. Some valves needing no shims at all, the way to check it is rig up a test gauge. RGM sells a test gauge for this purpose.

Maybe this is the thread you were looking for?:
http://accessnorton.com/norton/viewtopi ... sc&start=0
Thank you L.A.B. for that.

I suppose there is only one way to know what pressure the valve is releasing at, and that is to put a gauge on it. I can't see them in RGMs online catalogue, but will ring up on Monday and make enquiries.
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