Oil Filters

Just dug the box out from the filter I installed a couple of weeks ago (perfect fit, no leaks). The Citroen/Simca Fram I referred to in a previous post is PH2839. If you can find one of these (or a cross-reference from someone else's filter list) then you're on a winner.
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Harley oil filter #63810-80A will fit right on. Personally, I used the equivalent K&N brand oil filter (sorry cant remember number) which has a 17mm nut fashioned on to the end of it for easy installation and removal. These filters are available through any bike shop.

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I'm fairly new to the Norton scene, but I have found that a Baldwin B474 filter works okay with out leaks on my 73 850. I have a buddy using the same filter on his 75 Mark 3 without trouble either. Hope this helps.
Hi Guys, I fitted the aforementioned adapter to my '74 850, the list of available filters to use now is: Fram PH3614,AC/ DELCO PF53, PUROLATOR L 10241, I have used all at one time or another and had no problems, there are probably more, NAPA etc. Ride safely. James.
0il filter

As per my previous post, the napa 1352 , same as the Wix you are using, has worked for years on my Ducatis and Nortons, to the effect that the local napa keeps a stock just for me, however, if you are paying $ 10.00 for that filter that is way to much.
About the leak, check and see if it might be comming from the supply connection on the rear of the tank and running down on to the filter housing. These things can be troublesome to locate at times. Good luck.