Oil Filters

Apr 29, 2005
I have a 1973 850 Commando Roadster. Does Napa, Checkers or Autozone sell oil filters that I could use as a replacement? If yes, the filter # would be of great help. Might be a dumb question but is there an issue with the different thread sizes. Was also thinking about one of the Honda 4 cyl. oil filters?? Thanks for any help. semper fi devildog
The stock filter head has an odd size thread. Get one of the conversion thread on adaptors, and you will have a selection of filters to use, and these will available at any auto store.

I know CNW sells these, and I think Rocky Point & AMR also stock this item. Pays for itself after just a few oil changes.
The thread on the housing is M16 . Unless you want to spend twice as much for a filter , get an adapter . Take a piece of 3/4 " threaded rod , throw it in a lathe, drill and tap for M16 and part off at about 1". Add a little loctite to the threads and spin it on to the housing . That's it !! now you can go to any store and buy a filter for less than half the price of the metric filter

I know they are out there for sale but i don't have a name for you . Maybe one of the other guys ( and Debby :wink: ) know of someone who sells them
I thought the Commando filter head was adapted from a Citroen car unit, and uses the same filter, that's why the thread is metric?

I believe you are correct about the Citroen filter. The filter I've been using is made in France and is called Crossland.

EMGO also makes a filter to fit the Commando and it's cheap - about $5.00, if I recall correctly.

Fram oil filter

One of the other club members gave me a helicoil to fit over the 16mm thread on the stock oil filter mount. That adapted the threads to use a Fram PH3387A filter. It's been working for the last 3 years.
It has been awhile since I messed with HD Sportsters, but I think the 82-85 XLH filter would fit the Norton filter housing. Just in case you find yourself in the vicinity of a Harley shop.
73 850 Oil Filter

I pulled the one that was on it off today-- turned into a major job as think its been on there a few years??? I bought the bike about a year ago. Anyway had to take the entire base mounting off, put it in a vice to get the oil filter off. On the bike was a Champion H 101 oil filter. Will try tomorrow to match it up with something at autozone or napa. Thanks for the help and replies. semper fi devildog
Oil Filter Saga

All, after spending many hours trying to find a oil filter to replace the Champion H101 that was on the bike, I think I am just going to take off the Oil Filter housing and put in a helicoil. That way I can use the local NAPA, Fram or Wix Oil filters I can get locally. Does that make sense to ya'll or am I making a situation harder than is necessary. Input welcome. Semper fi devildog
oil filter

napa part # 1352 also fits late model 2 valve Ducatis. $ 4.35, available everywhere. It is made north of the border, very good quality.
Oil Filters for 73 850 Commando

All, finally fixed it all today in that I purchased a Wix 51352 Oil filter from the local NAPA dealer. It fit right on with no problems. I was concerned that the threads would be different but they are right on. If I had anything to complain of the filter is white so will have to paint it black. Thanks for all your input, guess there is many options but finding the local correct filter is much better and cheaper. semper fi devildog
Sounds like some of you guys in the US have found the right filter - if looking at standard filter lists in Europe or NZ, the listing for the Citroen 2CV or Simca 1100 is the right one. The Fram part number for these two cars is the same............
CHeers, Nick
Oil Filter Saga Continues

Well fellow Norton fans, I thought I had the issue of finding a compatible oil filter for the 73 850 Norton licked once I found a WIX 51352 filter. It screwed directly on the oil filter housing. However once I changed the oil, replaced with new oil and started the bike, it leaked like heck from between the housing unit and the filter. I tightened it until there was absolutely zero play but still leaked. In the end basically ruined a perfectly good 10$ filter. If anyone has an alternative solution pls let me know as I now have to find a filter. Semper fi devildog
Wix 51532

L.A.B, yes I have seen that same page before and was the source for buying the Wix filter. However it leaks like heck. What I might trying is to completely remove the oil housing, put it in a vice and put the oil filter on that way but for the life of me, the filter was on very tight and it still leaked really bad. I am thinking maybe I have to install a gasket between the housing unit and the oil filter to maybe give it a better seal. Very frustrating for something that should be so simple. Semper fi devildog
Hi devildog,
This is Dave Comeau's oil filter page address, check it out.


You can also find a list of filters on the NOC UK site.

VaRebel has already suggested the colorado norton works adapter.
For $15 you get the filter adapter, filter, and a list of other usable filters.

justa thought,

How does the filter match up dimensionally against the one you removed?

Are you sure the leak isn't coming from the pipe joints as you said you had to remove the filter head to get the filter off?

A tip for removing a stuck spin on filter is to hammer an old screwdriver all the way through it and then use the screwdriver as a lever. A bit messy but always seems to work!

I've just measured up a genuine Norton part oil filter and the highest point of the internal threaded plate is 0.169" (4.3mm) below the face of the rubber seal.
re:"hammer an old screwdriver all the way through it and then use the screwdriver as a lever. A bit messy but always seems to work! "

When I first bought my MkIII 25 years ago, on the first oil change I found the original owner had really wrenched the filter on. So I did the obvious...I hammered an old screwdriver all the way the the filter to use it as a lever. And promptly sheared the top of the filter off...
Oil Filter issue, last post on this subject

All, we I took the filter and housing off once again as when I looked at it originally it should have been a perfect fit. Well in taking it off I actually found out the problem, it wasnt leaking from the filter but I had a cracked oil line in which the leak was coming from. Will get some new hose and should be back in business. Got a new filter on the way so hopefully its all history. Have a good weekend all. semper fi devildog