Norvil Rear Sets Installation

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:? I must say that Norvil has not provided very good equipment or support. I purchased the rear sets then realized I needed the brackets to hold the mufflers. After several trial and error installs I finally succeeded in putting it together.
On the left side muffler bracket I had to use nylon spacers (1/2" long) in order to hold the muffler away from the shock mount bolts.
The right side does not need the spacers and is in fact holding the muffler out further than the right side. (This is probably an issue with my engine mounting I suspect. Something I will work on later.)
Well I have it all together but the kick statrer needs to be rotated clockwise to allow the shift lever (in reversed position) to move up and down. I tried severl combinations of positions until I found a place that both kick lever and shifter would work.
However, I have a reduced function right foot. I cannot shift the lever from any position.

What are my options for a LEFT SIDE shift mechanism? I seldom use my rear brake so this I can work around.
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