Norvil PR mounting plates

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Dec 2, 2004
I have some 5/16 aluminum plate and would like to fab some Norvil mounts, does anyone have one that I could get the measurements from?
Is 5/16 plate thick enough?
norvil pr plates

I should have elaborated, the production racer plates used to mount the rear sets that replace the z plates.
5/16" sounds a little thin. I would probably go 1/2".

What grade are you planning on using? I would use 6061-T6, but if there is any welding involved, stick with 5052.


The real thing is .331 thick and as you know 5/16 is .3125 so I think this will work just fine. Understand that thats only part of the hassle though. You will need an Atlas kick start and a kicked out revered shift lever. And you must come up with a suitable rear brake cable and a new brake light switch. Here's some photos of my set up. Go to the next photo to see both sides. ... hotoID=155 Oh yea you will need to fab up some new exhast brackets as well. hope you have some stainless laying about as well. It's worth it the bike is much more ridable. norbsa

I happen to have a brand new Atlas kick lever that I purchased to do something like this with. I ended up going with Norvil rearsets that I converted to heim joints. In any case, I have this lever, no hardware, no top piece available for, say 50 bucks. It costs 50 pounds from Norvil.

Just in case,
Hey Chris if he don't bite I will take it still have a second bike to convert. PM me Greg Fauth norbsa
Does the Atlas kick start clear the pea shooters?

RGM lists a T-160 style kicker. Anyone seen or used one of these?
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