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Jan 24, 2008
Hello, i have a 1973 commando 750. it has a drouin on it. the unit has a flat drive belt and a Del'orto carb. i have been researching the unit in hopes i may be able to get some leads on parts. i found a bearing p/n Barden 101fftx1k3 on another site. i contacted a bearing dist. and they told me the bearing was not in stock. however, they can be manufactured (min. order of 25 @ 170.00 each) also somebody out there has made this purchase, but the dist. told me he could not tell me who it was. i don't know why. somebody out there has them. any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bruce. email; or reply here.
Hi Bruce. I purchased the Barden bearings #C101FFTX1 K3- With G-19 Lube from Motion Bearings Warwick Ri ,736-5245 For Steve Shiervers and my Drouins. $216.00 Ea. Any problems locating Barden bearings Try Al Wysocki < .That was in 2003 and my drouin is still running strong.
Bruce Macgregor
:D Wakefield, Ri
Thanks Bruce. I live in SE CT. so your distributor is close. I will try him right away. How about drive belts? does your unit use a flat belt? i heard there were 3 different set-ups. Again, thanks for the help. Bruce.
Bruce The best belt for the single flat belt Drouin is from Belt corp. of America, I used to email, for Panther # 400, 29" long by 3/4"
Beltcorp # P400-29X.75, Was $7.85 ea, Min order 4, I'm still on my second belt! I also had the impeller dynamically Balanced @ Lindskog Balancing in Mass.Was $190 each impeller. If you change the bearings then some mods to the rotating assembly are a good idea.
Bruce MacGregor
Thanks, I contacted Motion about the bearing. They called me back to tell me they are researching it further as they have none in stock. I will also try the web address you gave me for the fella @ Barden. And now I know where to try for the belt. Hope to see you on the road sometime. We are practicaly neighbors. I live near Foxwoods. Thanx again. Bruce Hunt. Preston, CT.
Well, the bearings are definitely made of unobtanium. I have contacted two suppliers and have been given the brush. I went to Bardens website and checked availability. the site showed 41 units in stock, but when i called barden directly they also gave me the brush. I guess there is something secret going on or they just plain don't want to sell them. The distributors are very territorial. I don't care about that, but the locals should be willing to help and they are not. any other leads? Thanks
Bruce I Think I see the problem, My Fault I gave you the info for The C= Ceramic bearing balls, The bearing you need is Not the ceramic C101FFTX1K#, G-18
But the 101FFTX1K-G18 or G75 lubricant for Hi Speed. We wanted the ceramic balls But the Ceramic ball version was way to expensive! And had a long lead time.
So we went for the next best which is almost what was in the Drouin originally. :roll:
Also Barden is now ownned by Fag bearings, Since we are almost neighbors We will have to get together somtime.
Bruce MacGregor
Thanks Bruce, have you ever heard of Pappy's run on Memorial Day w/e? a nice run that draws a few thousand riders each year here in S.E. CT. re; the bearings i was a little impatient i guess, Kathy from Motion called me back today and quoted me 309.97 which, i suppose would be for the ceramic bearing. and a 16 week lead time. Motion's website shows the bearing (non ceramic) backordered with a price of 194.00 i think. Motion closed early today due to snow so I guess i will get it sorted on Mon. no big rush the sccoot has been neglected in a barn for 12 yrs. just anxious to get started. I just bought some stock amals and manifolds to get the bike up and running while i rebuild the drouin. I am also gathering parts to restore my 1975 T-160 Triumph so i have plenty to keep busy. anyone know where i might find a stock airbox for the 73 commando? Thanks.
if you have not ridden a norton with a drouin you have not lived. they are a pain in the ass to get to work at all and they might not not last long but when they work they really work. they do not just bolt on in a few hours-the mounts are a joke. the value of the damage you can do to the bike can easily exceed the cost of the blower so beware-this is not for the faint of wallet. there was a saying that went- you always get a screwin with a drouin. still holds true today. like for bearings..... i am looking at using a slightly different bearing-same od and id but .5 mm wider-skf 2901 or nice 2601-there should be enough room to narrow the driven pulley or bore the mount deeper.
hey bruce-which version drouin are you using? can you give me the details of your dellorto setup? i have the last design-2 belts with the controlled dribble fuel injection and i am looking at using either a 36 dellorto pumper or a mikuni of some sort.
Hi Barry, my drouin has a single flat belt. i was told this was the later version, but who knows. Bruce Mcgregor sent me a bunch of info from the set-up of his drouin that looks to be vry useful. i have still not been able to get bearings, so let me know if you find a source. I will do the same. Bruce Hunt
I can blow em up without a Drouin, just imagine what I could do with a Drouin. :roll:
Bike is scarry fast !

Hi This year I changed the needle in my 40 MM Lectron carb to a 5-1XL from a 4-2XL. Set the needle height @1.990.
Bike is 850 norton running a late model drouin & 20 tooth sprocket. At 10 psi boost the mid & top end power is just scarry. Its all I can do just to hang on to the handle bars in 3rd & 4th.
Bruce MacGregor
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