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Alright, I'm ordering from Norvil...
They're tellingme that if I order a fiberglass tank, I have to recognize that the "american" fuel might melt the tank..
I've bought most of my kit from ENG, now I'm getting this silly stuff.
Tell me I'm over-reacting.
Is there something I'm missing?
Fiberglass Tank weeping

:oops: :x Hmmmm. I wonder why my original fiberglass Interstate tank is "weeping" at the left rear corner. If I put a folded paper towel under the left corner, as it meets the seat, it comes out yellow after a day or two. No actual dripping, but definitely gasoline comin out there. Doubt if I could actually find a spot where it is leaking.

Should I bother to clean out and reline, or what?

fiberglass tanks

I've mentioned before on this forum, I finally had my '72 roadster fiberglass tank lined by Ken Armann. Over the last 7 years of being back on the road the tank has had numerous joint leaks which I can repair, but the slight blistering of the get coat on the left side where the knee depression is got me worried. Although I love the look of the glass tanks, I'm eventunally going to have to yield to those who have said get a steel tank and put the glass on the shelf for the concourse. So far there's no new problems I can see after the lining.

The Interstate tank with weeping at the corner can be repaired by using a dremmel (sp?) tool and a round bur. Cut into the glass about 1/4 inch in a line along the crack. Undercut the line, clean really well and fill in with fiberglass resin with chopped glass strands. Do this on the underside that doesn't show much so the finish isn't ruined.
It's not just the dissolving tank you have to worry about. The dissolved resin goes into the engine leaving a sticky residue that sticks your carb slides and will eventually gum up the valves and valve guides. I can tell you the gas we have here in Colorado is very effective at attacking the resin.

I had my tank lined by Ken Armann also. No more problems.

Fiberglass repair

So where do I contact Ken Armann?

I'd be shipping him my Interstate tank from Phila. What does he charge to clean and reline a tank?

I have taken off my tank to search for any cracks in that left rear corner - haven't been able to find any visible issues . . . would a resealing job cure my weepage?

Thanks, Stuart

I'll look up his contact info and PM you. I don't remember what he charged but it was pretty reasonable. I probably have the receipt somewhere. Shipping the tank was about $12 each way from Colorado to California.

My tank had a crack about an inch long at the front, gas was sloshing right through it. I patched it as illf8ed describes above, using a dremel tool and a Bondo fibreglass repair kit. In addition to filling the channel I also put a piece of fiberglass cloth over the area. You might not have to do all that, might be ok just to have the tank lined. That would be a good question for Ken. He runs a shop out there and is pretty knowedgeable. From what I hear he's very well regarded by the Cali crowd.

tank seal

Ken Armann's phone is 408 626-0061. His business is restoration and repair of Brit bikes. 851 B South McGlincey Lane, Campbell, Ca 95008.
Ken's a member of the Northern California Norton Owners Club
Tell him David Crader sent you.

Thank you David. Been in touch with Ken and he has replied. Will likely send him my tank after Thanksgiving. We have a "Turkey Ride" around here (west of Phila) and everyone rides their older special machines. My Norton will be there, even if the tank is weeping slightly.

tank liner

Hi Stuart,

Ken did a great job on my tank.

The Northern California club has a Turkey Ride in November as well.

You're west of Philidelphia? Do you know where Graterford is? It's supposed to be named after a many times great grandfather of mine, Jacob Crader (Grater).


Thanks again for the info on Ken.

Of course I know where Graterford is - its the site of a major prison in this metro area.

Sounds like you have a pretty active group out there! I went to a Delaware Valley Norton breakfast last month, rode the 40 or so miles on my Norton. 3 of the other guys arrived on the BMW's - what's THAT about? I have a BMW also (LT) but I thought this was a Norton affair. . . . . .

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