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Jan 10, 2008
Good day all

I've been riding since 1965, started on a Honda 150 Dream and after University graduated to bigger bikes, got my first Commando in 1988, refurbished it and traded it for 5 Brit bikes. I've had the present 1972 Commando 750 since 2000 and its been pretty good, I put about 5K miles a season on it. Its got Boyer ignition, single Mikuni carb and the most comfortable buckhorn bars for riding comfort.
Right now its on the workbench, I have to check the swingarm bushings.

Thanks for having me, Yves[/img]
riding through Wakefield...

Yves -

saw your location (Wakefield, Que) with your posting and it brought back memories.

I lived in Ottawa and Aylmer in the '80s and used to do lots of riding in Gatineau Park and several times to and from Wakefield. (on my 650SS and 750 Commando).

Nice roads - but just too damn many cops and radar traps! You must be looking forward to April when the roads are ridable again.

Old newbie

Hi Keith

I know what you mean, the cops are still around, they are on a mission if not crusade. Its been a weird winter, it started off OK with lots of snow and skiing was great at Edelweiss, it made for a Jolly Christmas, specially for Midnight Mass at the old church in Masham. It was raining all week, we nearly lost our snow, it'll be a fight to open the Rideau Canal for Winterlude.

Come April, I'll head off North on 105 towards Maniwaki, turn left in Kazabazua all the way to Campbell's Bay and back towards Aylmer, left on Mountain Rd and Notch Rd to Chelsea, then back to Wakefield.

Check Bob Webb's site on his trip out West last summer, I think you'll enjoy it like I did:

If it gets to hot in Calfornia, come over have a beer :D

Have a good one, Yves
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