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Apr 11, 2009
Hi I'm Dave from Nelson, New Zealand.

This is my first time using an internet forum, so I'm kinda new to all this.
Have recently bought a '73 Interstate Commando which I've had for 12 months.

Previously owned British bikes back in the 70's. It's like starting all over again.

Here is a photo of my current bike:
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Welcome aboard Dave, thats a very tidy bike and just perfect for those great twisty roads down your way.
If you are a club type guy and haven't already done so check out the nz owners club at
Are you sure this is not a brand new bike and you just took it out of the crate that was sitting in you garage since 1973? super nice!!! I'm sure you will have many happy miles on her...

printertim said:
VERY NICE! Is that like a black cherry color?
The bike had that paint job when i got it Black cherry is the color I thought as well

Gino Rondelli said:
That looks very nice & unused!! Get out and get some dirt on it, youll feel better for it :shock:
It gets used every week end as long as the weathers right
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