MKIII Hard Shifting

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Jul 24, 2007
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My MKIII has developed a case of very hard shifting. The clutch cable was kind of ratty and it had always had to be adjusted with less freeplay than usual. I replaced it and the clutch plates weren't disengaging unless there was tension on the cable. I suspected the push rod and replaced it, but no change. I pulled it all apart and found that the clutch center was pretty badly notched. Just replaced it and when everything is properly adjusted it's still not completely disengaging. It easily pulls away in 1st with the lever pulled all the way in. Plates are new this year as is just about everything else now. It just seems that there's not enough adjustment to free the plates. I guess the only thing left is the lever in the gearbox. Any other ideas? I'm running out. Thanks.
The mechanism in the gearbox is the prime candidate, the ball bearing in there can get a flat (most likely if you have been running with out clearance) and there is a circular disc that can also get a flat.
I would also suggest that you check the ball and lifter roller as kommando has mentioned, and check the small roller sleeve and their retaining screw for wear as well.
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