Mk3 wheel on MK2?

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Just bought a MK3 rear wheel (with disk) to put on my MK2... As anyone done this? Should I buy a MK3 swing arm too? I do not want to put the stock Norton caliper but a lighter one as a brembo or any Jap ones.
Thank you

M3 rear wheel

I put one on mine, but I used the MK3 swingarm. As far as I know, the width of the swingarm where the wheel fits is the same on both swingarms, but you will have to enlarge the axle slot for the larger MK3 axle. It would be easier if you use all the MK3 parts. The hardest part is rigging up a master cylinder to work from your left hand brake pedal. Having said that, I can tell you that the MK3 wheel assembly is quite heavy and I'd like to find a lighter alternative. For sure you don't need a brake as big as the one on the MK3.
Heavy disk

I wanted to use another wheel/disk but I ran in the shock absorbers (for the sprocket) problem... I guess I could have the disk reduced in size and drill to gain some weight...
Thank you for the tip anyhow
Heavy disk

I did it for the same reason. I drilled my disk and use an alloy carrier with a Lockheed caliper, but it's still heavy. The MK3 axle isn't as prone to breaking as the MK2, and that's a good thing, but I think that's the only advantage. I would probably not do it again if I had the choice, but don't let me discourage you. I think there are some Ducati wheels that have a good cush drive, I'd like to find one of those.
wheel disk

As I am finally installing a brake, I had for 20 years laying around, on the front (can see some explanations here: )
I really would have to have something working in the back in case the front is not what it is suppose to be !! So the weight is not on top of my worries!!!
Did you go for 19' on the back or 18'? If 18', whats happening with the speedo ratio?
Thanks for your hrl[

I am using an 18" WM3 Akront rim with an Avon Super Venom 110/90 tire. This tire makes the wheel so wide that it is very difficult to remove it from the bike. I'm going to a 100/90 when it wears out. The speedo should now read fast, in theory, but I am pretty sure that it is a little slow. Apparently the Smiths speedo is not so accurate that you need to worry about it (I had mine rebuilt). I ran my brake cable to a standard master cylinder hidden under the seat but this arrangement isn't the best way to go -- it seems to lose a lot of efficency due to the cable. I want to find a master cylinder that can be bolted on the z-plate. Let me know if you find something that works.
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