main bearing failure

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Sep 8, 2007
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My '73 850 with 7000 miles (so it says) had the left side main bearing bite the dust today, cracking the case . Can the case be repaired or should a replacement be purchased? As for replacing the bearing, I have never rebuilt a motor but have done all repairs to my '77 Triumph and Norton (clutches, wheel bearings, etc.) is this a job I could do or is it better left to a expert? Is their anyone within a reasonable distance of SE MI. that does this work?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
main bearing failure
From the photo it looks like it may have already been repaired before. I would be inclined to try to get some good second hand cases. By the time you have found someone to weld, machine and refurbish these cases it might be less of a headache and possibly cheaper.
Go ahead and weld that case. Then put it on your coffee table. Use it for a conversation piece or an ashtray.

Let me put it this way; I welded for a living for thirty years and I own a Norton. I wouldn't think of welding that case to get any useful service out of it.
Definately looks to have been 'patched' up before so that should give you some indication as to the success of 'patching'. Bummer though.
Larry try giving Bob at Rabers a call, He should have a set for you. Or maybe some of the other guys here will know who to call. I would leave the rebuilding of the bottom end to someone that knows Norton's. Lots of little things to know and check. Hope you get her going soon, Chuck.

:(it looks as though someones been hard on them casings or there is some other explanation internly with 7000 so called miles i beleive there still might be a question as to the cause but those casings are toast and youre best bet is search a new motor/or decent motor wich ive seen out on e bay youll end with some good parts and ahead$$$$ good luck
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