Kick Back or Pay Back

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Dec 5, 2007
Finally my 750s is a one or two kick starter, Amals have been rebuilt,new jets etc, Flood the carbs one or two kicks and away she goes, As a final touch i put new needles in and now it kicks back thru the carbie first kick as if to clear itself, I usually kick it twice with key off to get some fuel in the chambers, nows the primaries etc are working could i be flooding it by doing that? or is it too rich runs great idles great, timing hasnt been touched but was ok before carbies rebuilt. I didnt really want to play too much with things in case i turn her back into a ard starter again, Any suggestions?
Try not kicking through the couple times with the ignition off...why fill the system up and flood it more than needed, you have already done that by tickling the carbs. If it continues, go back to the change you made that caused the problem and check the needles and jets the correct setting/height on the needles? One fallen out of place...etc? Something is not correct, it should start with tickle, in one or two kicks, with ignition on...then you can set the idle circuit.
Are you saying it just spits back through the carb, or it kicks back on the kick start or both ? It might be you're just opening the throttle a little too far.

Good point...forgot to ask or even think of it. Just a tiny bit throttle to open the throat is right? Unless using the choke...or? Been doing it so many years by instinct....don't know just what I do..."Just do it!", works for me.

kicks back on the foot and also thru the air cleaner, quarter throttle maybe a little less, i also use probalby third choke for the first kick or so, (which is new, a carbie guy told me they were made with them for a reason (makes sence) needle settings jets all the same, it only started after i put the new needles in, i figured that must have something to do with it, will put the old ones back and see if that helps, last thing i want is to be worried about kick back,
Good idea to try old needles again, but remember there are more than one type of needles too, so make sure they are the same type as were in there. The carbie guys will log in later though, and someone will be able help you better than me... :wink:
It's a much discussed topic here, but are you running a Boyer and has your battery perhaps become a bit discharged while you've been trying it ?

Disturbing dirty / dry connections in the wiring will also give you more advance than you might prefer.

My first reflex with any kicking back or popping and banging is to charge the battery.
I am running a Pazon(new) which i fitted originally to try and solve the hard starting that was finally fixed by reconditioning the carbies. Battery is on trickle all the time and is fully charged.I tend to agree that most missing ,backfiring etc is electrical related from what i have learnt in the last couple of months but in this case it directly relates to the point where the new needles were put in, the reason i put them in was that it seemed to have a flat spot for a second or two under load, it would jerk once or twice ( as if lean) before the power came on. new needles= no more jerking but created the kickback/backfirnig thru carbie, if i go back to the old needles i think the the jerking will come back. I guess want to keep the new needles and try to adjust the carbies to resolve the issue if possible.
Rob, raise or lower the adjustment to the needle first. While they are out sit down with a mic, paper, pencil and the old ones to see that they are made right.
Usually a kickback through the kick start indicates its a bit too advanced in the ignition I would have thought. A sneeze back through the carbs a weak mixture. Well thats the usual rule of thumb on my Enfield.
Lean? i would have thought rich would cause the carbie to spit back, I will set the needle to the bottom ring ( which will richen it i believe) and see what transpires
Another thought. Which may cause a weak mixture is a leak at the manifold(Induction leakage). Here's Enfield's solution methods to check.
1. Pour some petrol at the suspect joint. If the engine cuts out, theres suction leakage at the joint.
2. Pour some oil or grease at suspect joint. If slow running improves, theres a leakage at the joint.
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I did have the problems of kick back/sneezing carb and overheating. Found the induction pipe had a crack.
Anyway hope this may help.
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