it runs fantastic

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Aug 6, 2005
I have been struggling with a bogded restoration from a well know restorer/norton expert for six years now. On and off through those years I have nearly given up thinking the commando was not a bike that really lived up to it's reputation of running smooth and pulling like a freight train, powerful, fast and just plain fantastic to ride. I had wanted a commando since I heard one when I was 18 years old and wasn't able to afford one until I was 38, so imagine the frustration of being taken on by someone whose reputation preceeds him and being stuck with a pig that had the internals of a 100,000 mile beat up bike, electrics so pathetic that it was amazing that power was able to even make it anywhere on the bike. So after many years and thousands more dollars and learning tons of mechanical and electrical bits of information I have finally realized the dream that I had as a young man. I now have a commando that I believe to be a fine running beast that runs smooth in all gears, at all throttle openings, that pulls like a freight train and is fast and handles like I dreamt so many years ago. The bike is one fantastic mutha to ride and I am glad that by reading this forum and a few other email lists, I was able to keep some sort of hope that so many people couldn't be wrong about such a great looking bike. I would like to thank everyone on this forum for providing so much valuable infomation for those of us that are mechanically challenged and less experienced in rebuilding and maintaining bikes.
Can't say I personnaly helped with this...but it is nice to hear that you have reached nirvana...good for you! Send us a picture. Ride it safe!
Congratulations and well done Britbike, as hewho said, send a picture, and don't forget the big beaming smile.

Running like a steam train

Thats what I like to hear! The dream can be acheived. Thanks for encouraging us lesser mortals that are still working with the Norton Commando ideosyncrasies.
Can you let us know what mods you have done? (that made the most difference)
Are you still runing twin amal's?
Congratulations, "britbike", Those kinds of stories warm the cockles of a Nortonians heart, the ugly duckling finally got to be a swan,great.I hope that you let the SOB that built the bike what you thought of him.Ride safely.Enjoy. James.
I am sure that the bike is very glad it found you. And will reward you with many fine feelings in the years ahead. Just remember your never done and even when things are good you need to be thinking of the next mod.
Congratulations! Ain't it great? Now we want pics! :D

And the other good news is you and your bike are ONE..
you don't need anyone to FIX it for you.. WAY BETTER !

take good care of it.. and PLEASE post some pics,
list what you did and where you are...

Think out it a pay back time :eek:) Regards! Chis
I'll try and post a picture, but where do you post them. It's just a standard stock black 850. As far as mods, I did progressive springs, swingarm mod kegler style myself, dual amals, sleeved and moly coated, boyer and that really is all. About every part that was suppose to have been replaced in the restoration was not originally replaced and I have had to replace about everything in the last 6 years. After replacing everything and riding once in awhile over the years the bike looks a bit tattered, but still is presentable.
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