Is this a good deal?

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Mar 22, 2007
Hi ... 0094823145

I am looking to buy my first Norton. I really like the cafe racer style and currently own a ducati monster. I was hoping that I may be able to get a little advice from some of you Norton Commando pros on here. Do you think this bike is a good deal? is it worth anything? Do customized Nortons hold any value? Also, notice the high mileage 109000, what problems can you forsee?

Thanks in advance for the help, hopefully I will be able to represent Norton over here on this side of the pond shortly!

Run away! That guy has no idea what he has and neither do I. Despite his claim of a new battery it is not an electric start. The lack of a front disc brake makes it pre 1972.
Ask questions here. Buy Roy Bacon's Norton Buyer's Guide.

Not that it looks so bad...but if it is a halfway clean bike that isn't a bitsa you want...agree with Skip. This machine has parts from a range of years, which is essense isn't so bad if all you want it for is to ride it, but as an inventment..not such a smart idea. Numbers will have a bit of trouble matching if I'm right, as the tranny is older, the frame might be a 750, the wheels are older, the motor might be an 850...primary case is a 750...etc...etc. You have to decide what you want...and why you want it. It does have an interesting optic, and would indeed attract attention, though.... :wink:
That bike is definately a bitsa, as any "cafe racer" is. You don't buy a bike like that to have serviced at your local dealer - they probably wouldn't touch it. Purchasing that machine requires you to become a Norton expert. It will never bring "real money" at a sale like an original example. I would expect to be spending some time on it to work out all the bugs that are inevitably waiting to surface.

But I like the bike. Having a good bit of experience with working on Nortons, I wouldn't be afraid to take it on except for the fact that the price has already exceded what I would pay for it.

I've known Michael for 8 years or so. Traded him a running K75C for a non-complete V-7 Sport back in Y2K - that was a good deal!. He's a decent guy and is more interested in moving something out of his inventory than getting top dollar. Good chance he brought that bike back from Daytona.

But I can't recommend buying any motorcycle, much less a Bitsa Custom, without first seeing it in the flesh, hearing it run, and taking it for a test spin.

I've been meaning to give Michael a visit. His shop has more interesting bikes floating through than any museum I've been to, and you can touch & sit on them too! If you would like I'll give this Norton a careful look over and report back.
Thanks for all of the info guys.

Jumpjg, that would be awesome if you could take a look at it for me.
Kiernan has had some very interesting motorcycles for sale on eBay over the past few years. Matchless, Norton P11's etc. I have had no personal dealings with him but he seems to have an eye for interesting bikes!!
I called up Michael today prior to dropping by his shop. Good thing I did because he wasn't in town. When I spoke to him he was on the road somewhere around Indy, and was heading towards some swap meet taking place tomorrow in Il. I asked about the Cafe Norton you were interested in - he said it was sold, & will be shipping out next Wednesday.

Sorry I couldn't do any better than that.
That's a wicked looking bike,but I think maybe you dodged a bullet by missing out on it. There is only one good reason I can think of, for trading a not to bad disc brake,for an arguably less than marginal drum. The bike's been wrecked! :( Commando frames are built very light,and subsequently, are quite susceptible to tweaking,especially in a head-on knock. You might not be able to tell,until the bike is stripped.Then it's too late.

There are still lots of decent Commandos out there for around $4000.00. Just keep your eyes,and ears open,and don't let your money burn a hole in your pocket. You'll find a good one! :D

(Just don't wait too long. Prices are going up as I write!)

Thanks for all of your help guys, I appreciate all of the advice. I guess I was not meant to have that one! Could be a blessing in disguise. Oh well, someone out there is going to be riding a really cool lookng Norton soon.
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