Is lazy turn signal blinking due to the flasher?

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Apr 2, 2008
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The blinking of my turn signals is slower than normal and occasionally it stops and then starts back up the slower than normal blinking. Is this simply a problem with the flasher unit?
The old type electro-mechanical flasher units can be rather voltage sensitive, so either flashes rather slowly or doesn't flash at all if the engine isn't running.

Personally, I would replace it with a modern electronic flasher unit that will work with the original positive earth/ground (if that's what you've got?) electrical system?

Recently I replaced three electro/mech units with electronic ones, as they work much more reliably.
The type I used was the Durite 140102, which is a 3-blade unit that works with either positive or negative systems:
The third (warning lamp) blade isn't used if the original cross-over warning lamp circuit is retained. ... iagram.jpg
Thanks for the info Les. Is it the nature of flashers to operate either positive or negative ground? If it is, shouldn't I be able to locate something in US auto parts store or motorcycle shop?
The original flasher unit should work with either original positive ground or negative ground (and the rest of flasher circuitry isn't affected by polarity anyway), some electronic flasher units may not work with a positive ground system?
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