Installing new oil lines

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Jun 14, 2007
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I'm trying to install new oil lines on my 73 850. The feed line from the oil tank is a piece of cake, but holy cow, how many parts have to come to do the lines that run into the oil filter housing? I can't get at that to save my life. Any tips? Thanks - BrianK
The easiest way would be to unbolt the filter housing and connect the pipes to that first I would think?
Yep, unbolt the filter holder from the cradle and pull it down and assemble the lines to it and feed them up to the tank and junction block. Then bolt the filter and holder back to the cradle.
That's a good idea - but how do you get under there? - do you do this with the bike on centerstand, or using a lift (mine blocks access to just this part of the bike), or ....?
You can do it on the center stand, though it should be possible to do it with just the side stand. Might be easier actually since the bike's leaning the opposite way.
use centerstand

I just did this a few days ago for my 75 Mark 3. Replaced the old lines with braided steel lines from oldbritts - look much nicer.

I tried with a jack stand, but no go. used the centerstand, but with a small square of plywood under it to get it up a bit higher, so i could get underneath easier.

Yeah, you have to unbolt the fitting for the oil filter, attach the lines to it, then push it back up , while using your other hand to guide the lines up in the right routing.

Good luck!!
If the lines are detached, it would be the ideal time to remove the oil tank for a proper cleaning. You'll then discover how much fun that 1/4" bolt underneath is. The lower rubber mount is likely to need replacing.
I was thinking of soldering longer nipples onto the filter housing, just for peace of mind. I had applied a tiny bit of silicone gasket to the current nipple & the oil lie had a tendency to slip off as I tigtened the clamp.

Now, I'm nervous about losing a line in transit!!

Any comments?
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