Hydraulic brake light switch?

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Sep 15, 2005
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:? Hi, Does anyone have a generic part or model number for a replacement hydraulic brake light switch on a 73-75 Norton front disc brake?
I mean like getting one that fits & works from NAPA or some US parts store. I see Old Britts wants $41.71 for what must be a $6.00 switch.
Thanks Bruce MacGregor
I use the auto part I try yo find the # for ya. Sorry bad memory bank mine was bought from Frank at Clubman Racing and it wasn't no forty stinking dollars but it could be now that pound is wicked. They are a straight not tapered thread.
My bike is in the shop and I can not check this for you, but I'm certain the switch is the same as used on many different British cars of this vintage including Mini and Spridget, as a brake light switch. My company sells them for $11. See www.7ent.com and the part number is C16062. I can check the threads, but not until Weds/Thurs.
Hi Thank 's for the replies,

Original switch is Lucas Mk29n , Has # 34619B :lol: marked on it, 3/8-24 thread
I found a Napa Echlin switch SL147 for a MG car , but it has 1/8 NPT thread, Chucked up in lathe & machined down & threaded to 3/8-24, Works great! for ~$9.00
Bruce MacGregor
You're right. I don't have my bike back yet, but I now remember using a 3/8-24 male bleed screw to block the hole when I took it apart. The common pressure switch is 1/8 NPT, so another option would be tapping the master cylinder to accept this more common and inexpensive switch. But I'll wait until my switch fails before doing that.
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