How to mount a Pod on a Commando

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Your cylinder head 'ground strap' may not be any use where it is as the head steady is isolated from the frame by the mounting rubber as the stud does not pass through it?
Look again, Strap is bolted to plate plate is mounted to frame with two bolts underneath. It may look as though I am trying to connect to the rubber Iso but that's just the easyest way to attach the strap. The purpose is to make absolute ground that is unbrakable between motor and frame. The stock set up failed. Many over look the importance of good grounds and this puts many old bikes down. norbsa
Must be something I cannot see as the headsteady doesn't mount to the frame by the two bolts, the two bolts mount the two plates to the steady. The only point of contact between the headsteady assembly and the frame is normally (pre Mk3) the two rubber mounts. I have just checked on my own bike. A rigid joint there would stop the isolastics from working?
OK I see what has you going at this. On the other side of the lower head steady bolt is the stock gang of red wires from the harness. The wire that faialed was the jumper from the head to this pack of red wires to the head. So ground from motor goes thru the strap to the plate then thru the lower joining bolt having the harrness ground on the nut end of that same bolt. Oh and the old bottle fuse has ben upgraded to a auto blade type. This summer at mid -Ohio the bike had electrical problems lots of good help from fellow riders ended up trailering it back. We found the problem to be the kill botton when the bike was under electric load. I was thinking that I had unwired the kill botton at the head light so this took a while to find. norbsa
OK, I didn't realise you had wires the other end of the bolts.

I normally like to strap from the head/headsteady bolt (where you have fixed to) to the coil bracket and also fit the harness/Boyer ground wires there as it keeps them out of the way.
The stock coil brackets are long off the machine. They left with the points, condensers, distributor, rectifior ,zener, stock primary chain,air filter, Amals . I still have all that stuff somewere. norbsa

I like that mounting idea, thanks for posting the photos.

I have some number plates for you, if you can pm me your home address, I will send them off to you :D

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pod location

Thanks for the post & pics. I had asked a while back about mounting location. The way you mounted is pretty close to what I decided to try. Very nice matching to the bracket by the way. My Pod has cooling fins which make it almost twice the overall dimension of the Tympanium & I have a MKIII so I think I will have to go a little lower & towards the right, but knowing the cooling should be ok & garnishing a few mounting tips really helps.
Does the start capacitor do any good with a Boyer? Also is the resistor still necesary for the 6 volt coils?
Had planned to put the boyer box where the condensers mount now in the coil bracket if it fits.
A new blue can is helpful. It fills in the voids in the DC caused by the AC supply. An old blue can is almost always past working.
Boyer power supply already has a condenser within. It is very large and needs to be mounted behind the gusset where the tympanium is mounted.
I belive when wiring six volt coils per Boyer instructions you will find no balist resistor. norbsa

Thanks again norbsa. Couple of good points in one post for my info.
Had wanted to keep the blue can in as any help for starting seems like a good thing. I am a little confused now as to the Boyer Pod combination though. Do the boyer power box and Pod do the same thing? Had thought one was a "regulator" & one ignition control.
From your last post, it sounds like the Boyer won't fit in the coil bracket once the condensers & ballast resistor are gone. Am I getting you or did I get off in my reading?
Do the boyer power box and Pod do the same thing? Had thought one was a "regulator" & one ignition control.

It would seem you are confusing the Boyer Power Box which is a regulator/rectifier unit with the Boyer Mk III electronic ignition unit?

The Boyer ignition unit will fit the coil bracket as this is where my own is fitted.
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Exactly what I was doing LAB. Thats 2 questions down with one post. Thanks. Guess when I can actually see all the parts it will become much clearer.
Guess when I can actually see all the parts it will become much clearer.
There are three types of Boyer ignition unit MkIII, Micro Digital and Micro Power:

Two types of Boyer Power Box, one type has the capacitor/condenser built in:
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