Hockey Stick

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Dec 2, 2007
The muffler mount on my 70 750 S model is showing signs of cracking again. The previous owner had it welded, poorly, and it looks awful. Is there a perminant fix out there? I was thinking of cutting the thing into two pieces and configuring a rubber grommet attachment between the shock mount and the arm. Any other thoughts would be helpfull.
Boz, my latest mount for the "S" variant for a friend's machine was to run an alloy mount from the foot peg plate, in his case, a Norvil type, to join with the Hockey Stick. To early to tell if it will do any good yet.

I had problems with recurring cracks on the muffler mounts on my '69 S-type. I never did find a solution. Your idea of using a rubber mounts is certainly a good one.

There should be a small metal bracket that connects the two rubber isolators at the muffler side. My friends 'S' has this and has never broken the dogleg in 35 years. Others I know do not use this plate and continually have problems with breaking the dogleg. YMMV
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