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Apr 9, 2008
Hello from Canada. I just found this board and have signed up. I own a 74 850 Roadster. It needs a little work but over the next couple of years I hope to restore it to it's past glory. I have to get the RH exhaust port rethreaded for the locknut and then it will be rideable again. Other than that it just needs a freah paint job to bring back it's former splendor. It is white with the blue and red stripes and the gold lettering.

I have thought many times about lowering the seat height as I am vertically challenged, but it's not really all that pressing. I'm sure I'll be asking lot's of questions and hoping for answers.

I drive truck in Canada and the U.S. to pay the bills, and am always up for a meeting with others along the way. Great to be here.
Welcome Rick H, I hope you find this forum useful?
new to the board

Welcome aboard the Commando express -- destination -- FUN -- stopping at -- aggravation -- puzzlement -- satisfaction -- and joy.
welcome to the Commando forem. I had many a question to the forem about my generous amount of problems and the forem is always there with great advice. Still strugling in Calgary, but I shall get that sucker to run properly!
Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I've managed to puzzle my way through most of the old girl's quirks. :) But from time to time, it pulls something from it's bag of British wiles to drive me round the bend.

I've spent some time going back through the pages of posts to check on issues, and try to not ask questions which have been answered several times already! :lol:

And if I see a problem that I can help a fellow Brit enthusiast with, I'll certainly jump right in.
Not open for further replies.