have I trashed this cable?

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Oct 16, 2006
I bought a cable for my front drum brake from Les Emery, lubed it up and fitted it.

It now turns out that it is nylon lined, even though no mention of this is made in the catalogue or on the invoice.

I'm told that the nylon lining will be destroyed and the cable will sieze...does anyone have any personal experience of how long this part will now last? or any ideas on how it might be reclaimed?


Alex, I don't think that it will seize but it might depend on what oil you use. I have heard sellers say that WD 40 is OK. In my experience standard cables need oiling before use and nylon lined last about three weeks and a couple of heavy rainstorms before they cry out for something.

I use cycle oil in my Nylon-lined Venhills after the 'Honeymoon' period and have never found any adverse efects.
I know the general recommendation is not to oil them, but I've oiled nylon lined cables before on the odd occasion, generally out of necessity, just because they are lined doesn't seem to stop them getting a little stiff in operation at times, possibly due to water and dirt getting inside them? And doing that has never had any detrimental (or dramatic) affect on cable operation, so provided you are not lubricating a lined cable on a regular basis then I wouldn't worry personally.
Could also depend upon what lube was used.

back in my bicycle wrenching days I always used a teflon based dry (suspended in alcohol) lube and that worked great for nylon lined shifter cables. That or a light synthetic lube works great as well.

I find the heavier stuff attracts too much dust and dirt and that is when all the gunk starts to inhibit cable movement.

I know this is motorcycles related to bicycles, but a nylon lined cable whether it be for a motorized or pedal-powered vehicles, still operates the same.

Just my 2 cents.
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