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Aug 11, 2003
I have just finished assembling my gearbox with a set of close ratio gears and although I thought I had done it correctly there seems to be a problem.
The primary is still not assembled so I have access to both input and output shahts. When i turn one the other also turns so the box is in gear?
The gearlever, by hand, goes down fine as if you were in 4th and tried to select another gear. However lifting the lever, even while turning the drive sprocket achieves nothing. I removed the outer cover. The operating lever is near the top, as I assembled it, but there is no way it wants to move down.
Any ideas what i have done before i start to pull it apart again

This just came up on the INOAlist site thought it might help. norbsa
I had the same problem and asked the same question of this
group a few months ago. Several people suggested that the problem
was the shift-pawl spring, and that it had probably been malformed by
a previous owner in an attempt to fix something (who knows what). I
was told that the proper shape of the spring should allow just the
slightest of clearance between the legs of the spring and the shift
pawl when the spring is seated and the shift lever is centered (as it
would be normally in neutral without any up or down pressure on it.
The concensus was that a new spring should be purchased since
reforming the misformed one tends to be very tricky. I took the
cover off the transmission and, sure enough, found the shift-pawl
spring had been badly mangled by the last person who had been in
there. I ordered a new spring, but since I was anxious to go riding,
I thought I would give reforming the spring a go. After about an
hour of pidling, twidling and tweeking, I was able to obtain just the
smallest amount of clearance (about 0.001 in.) between the spring
legs and the shift pawl with everything in the centered position. By
the way, the spring was set up by the DPO with pressure on both sides
of the shift pawl and the legs of the spring standing about 0.030 in.
proud of the notches they should have been seating in. After
reassembling the transmission, it shifted perfectly, and has
performed flawlessly ever since. I have recieved the new spring, but
I'm not about to take the transmission back apart to replace a spring
that now seems to be working propperly. I'll just save the new
spring in case I need it some day.

I hope you can understand what I am trying to say in my ramblings
above, and that you are able to use this information to get your
transmission working propperly again.

Ray in Arkansas

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I have the NOC gearbox strip and it did explain about the clearances of this spring and i think i actually have too much clearance so on your advice i will try tightening it up. With the outer cover off do you think it should be possible to move the mechanism by hand? I mean the part that the outer cover part engages in, the short shaft with the hole for the outer cover mechanism.

Just leave the kick starter lever off for this and the chrome indicator and the bolt that holds it. Shift lever stays on. Leave the shifting assembly in the cover for easy on off. Now you can adjust the spring and put the cover in place. The dowels will hold it in place. A roll of the rear wheel will keep things moving for easy hand shifts. Take your time. Be pickey it's harder to shift a running bike when it's hot. This may take some trys. norbsa
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