Front fork leg question..

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Jul 18, 2005
lets just say i wanted to take my right fork leg and put it on the left side.. does anyone know if they are identical.. would this work??

my reason being i just picked up some ducati brembo calipers that are dual sets and im wondering if i could just source another right side fork leg and make 2 adaptors for the calipers..

actually scratch that.. i would need hub modifacations anyway right??

regardless im gonna put these brembos on soon.. at least one of em.. just gotta go make a nice shiny bracket and line it all up and source a good master cylinder and lever

As you discovered, the two legs are different. However, I'm curious as to what you will use for a disc? The Norton disc is much thicker than the Brembo. Are you planning to thin the Norton or use a different one? Colorado Norton Works sells a nice kit (made by QTM) which uses a floating disc and the Brembo caliper. If it's dual discs you want, Norman White in England builds a set using Brembo calipers. Both kits are pretty expensive.

Perhaps Matt at CNW will sell you the adapter and the disc?
I use a brembo caliper on my 750 racer. It fits the Norton disc fine, although I have had the chrome skimmed off so it is a whisker thinner than before.
It works very well but I use a brembo master cylinder with a 12mm piston. ( PF12 I think it's called).
If you use 2 discs you'll probably need a 14 or 15mm master cylinder.

I've no idea how it would work with the original master cylinder.
heres my findings from yesterday and my thoughts..

ive seen three kits online.. the norman which has two discs and new fork legs, the cnw which uses a brembo caliper and different disc and some other company which for 110$us gets you an adaptor, used nissin caliper.

so after finding these, and seeing, i decided maybe ill get some new wheels and front section from another bike.. anywho i found a nice pair of goldwing gl1100 1981 wheels on ebay, but couldnt find any info if they would fit our bike. the auction ended and i lost out, but does anyone know exactly the width of our hubs/wheels? would any other mfg's wheels fit our bikes?

ill probably end up putting this brembo caliper i have on (at least one of them), and figuring out how to put a proper nice disc on.

i decided on sunday to start doing about a million things to my bike, and boy am i in for it

but check out this bike from wow!

Front fork leg question..
Pommie John,
Are you using the four piston late style or the earlier two piston F08? The discs on my bevel drive cam 900 Ducati are considerably thicker than those on my belt drive cam 900. The bevel uses the F08's while the rubber ducky uses the four pots.

That southernclassics Nort is interesting. However, has anyone noticed it has no chain or rocker spindle covers? I'd like to see the primary side and what kind of primary drive they used to mate the pre-unit Triumph gearbox (5-speed?) to the Norton motor.
i just called them and spoke with some aussie (living in southern us.. jesus i cant imagine the difficulty of speaking to anyone down there.. an aussie vs a redneck!), who said the front end of that bike is a yamaha with 18" front and rear setup.. i might think about this..
>>Pommie John,

Are you using the four piston late style or the earlier two piston F08? <<

The earlier 08 type. It is used in classic racing and I can't use the later type ones.
I will measure the disc thickness later today, and maybe tomorrow I can get hold of a digital camera and I'll post a photo.
from what the guy and web page say they are yamaha wheels.. not sure what year... but they do look nice
Here's my brembo on the Norton fork leg.
<img src="" alt="Image hosting by Photobucket">

The disc is 6.4mm thick and that's within the Norton specs. You have to shim the caliper so it sits in the middle of the disc, but I don't recall any problems fitting it.

My other race bike is a Bavarian Money Waster with twin brembos on Honda 750/4 discs. They ARE thicker at 6.7mm and I have to file a bit off new brake pads before they will fit in.

( Yeah I know I should get the disc machined but....)
pommie john said:
Oh, OK, how do I post a photo here?
pommie john,

To insert a photo in a message click the "Img" address (not the "Tag" one) below the photo on your Photobucket album page, then copy/paste it to your message.


Above the message box, click "Img", you should see =

then paste the "Url" photo address from Photobucket as shown below next to it

[url=] ... brembo.jpg[/url]

then re-click Img = at the end leaving no gaps between.

"Preview" to check, if correct you should see your photo!

This is what you should see=

pommie john's photo:
Front fork leg question..
Thanks for that L.A.B.
I've never been too good with computers....couldn't work out where to put the oil in them.
Thanks. It was originally done because I happened to have a brembo lying around, but even if you haven't they are used on BMWs and even on MZ 250s, so you can pick them up at breakers for about £15 last time I looked.
Yes those calipers are fairly easy to get in the UK from BMW breakers (I do have a couple of BMW's also). I have just sent an original master cylinder to have the 13mm piston conversion fitted (by RGM Motors) so that might improve the braking a bit, then possibly I will consider doing a caliper conversion and (maybe) a bigger disc.
I'd be interested to see how the 13mm conversion works.
Mick Hemmings uesed to do a 11 or 11.5 inch floating disc that fits the standard wheel. That should just require a new caliper mount to be made.
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