Flat Tracker road bike

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Jan 21, 2008
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Another long term project.
Using up anything I have to hand as this bike was to badley gone to rescue.
Paoli Ducati Pantah forks & yokes these were cheaper than a bush/seal & new stantions for the Commando forks!
Spondon parallel hubs. No sprocket yet.
Lockheed 4 pot calipers & master cylinder from a 90s Yam 600 racer.
Alloy tank came with fastback seat hump but no seat. I sold that but have not been brave enough to cut the rear frame tubes!
Torn between s pipes & stuck for a solo or 1 1/2 seat as the tank is so short.
looking at a daylight ticket at the moment but that may change.

Finished the decorating so got out in the garage & made the bracket for the rear brake caliper. I have to cut the metal "to see if it will work" Lots of effort but think I will try again & make a second groove to line up with the bolt hole on the swinging arm.
Will buy a couple of cap heads tomorrow.
all the best Chris
Flat Tracker road bike

Flat Tracker road bike

wanted some advice.
Works progressing, I have finished the front & rear caliper mounts.
Next up I need to start on the gearbox build & order a sprocket for the Spondon hub. As its a sit up & beg style its been suggested I run a 21 tooth gearbox sprocket & a 44 tooth rear (no size limit on the back)
My friend prefers to allow the engine to chug, I think the bike suits both styles i.e. mad sprint as well.
What do you think?
all the best Chris
Hi Chris,

The front end looks great with those Pantah forks.
I would have the gearing set up to blast away from the lights as I think it would suit the bike :)
Regards Hursty.

Thanks Hursty
Its going to be my blast to the shops & 20 plus miles to work ride (occasionally)A blues days & holiday bike.
I thing a street drag bike would be best but my mate Rob says make it relaxing. Funny that as he wants one of my other projects to make a hooligan bike.
Thanks for the input.
What gearing would you suggest?
all the best Chris
Hi Chris,
I have tried various gearing combinations on the Metisse.
It has an 18" r/wheel fitted & I run 5/8" x 1/4" chain & sprockets.
Started with 21F & 50R (front wheel in the air all the time) :)
Then 24F & 50R (I had the 24 specially made but had interference probs on chain guard etc).
Then 23F & 50R. Too tall.
Then 23F & 47R getting better.
Now run 22F & 47R very happy Bike is great away from lights & goes like stink up to 95mph when it tails off.
Regards Hursty.
Hi Chris
Do you happen to know what jets and throttle slides are in those del ortos?
I have a pair of 34mm dels on my 750 and I'm having trouble getting it sorted. It worked well on the dyno, but on the track it was rich as anything.

Hi John
Carbs are PHF32 idle jet 60 main 125.
These were my starting point. Suggested by Dellorto themselves.
I think they based it on their classic list against a Guzzi of the same type of period & capacity.
I know I am still a long way out. ie still too rich but it starts ticks over & runs incredible well. Fuel consumption is poor
I will strip them at the weekend & see what the slides are.
Untill I get the bike back on the road i have nothing to tune them on!
Well maybe the flat tracker.
I will let you know
Brakes fitted

Front & rear brackets finished. Found my brake fluid is last seasons, so hav'nt bled the brakes yet. Rear sprockets (47) being ordered.
all the best Chris
Flat Tracker road bike

Flat Tracker road bike
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