Finally got my head on straight

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Hi all,

(I just love those "head" jokes).

Well it took me about 7 attempts, and I'm now able to take off and put my MKIII head back on blindfolded.

Let me quote ... P43 of my rusty Clymer manual, (referring to dropping the pushrods in as the heads go on): "They will locate automatically on the cam followers."

NOT!!! :evil: :evil:

After much analysis, I figured out the problem. Each time I dropped them down, one or more would hang up ... that is the radial machine grooves on the ball end would catch and rest on the edge of the cam follower cup. This would cause the rod to be too "tall", and either pop out of the rocker cup and wedge in the head space, or the ball end would wedge somewhere on the bottom.

Solution ... I polished the ball ends to a mirror finish 8) That and a tiny bit of grease on the ball when dropping in ... Voila!

I knew I finally had it right when the head slipped all the way down to make contact with the cylinders without even tightening the center bolt.

I was also able to set the rocker gaps correctly for the first time.

Sheesh :!: I'm writing a letter to Clymer to tell them to fix it for the next issue :shock:
Thanks for the info on the push rod installation. I am going to reinstall my rebuilt head next week. Did you have the cyclinder bore off too? If so what method did you use to install the pistons? I think I am going with installing the pistons in the bore (with lower part below bore base to access piston pin holes) on the bench, freeze the rod pins, of course install the circlips on insides of each piston before inserting, have a friend help with holding tightly the conrods and bore and gently bang the pins in place. Saw this method on Capt Norton's site and sounds easiest way to do it and not have the piston ring clamp problems. What do you think?
Vancouver, Washington
Hiya Denny,

Ya know, I just used a pair of hose clamps. They just barely fit (width-wise), and you have to tighten them just enough to hold the rings in place, and loose enough to allow them to slide down with the cylinders.

Worked fine for me first time out :D

You just have to be carefull with the inside taper at the bottom of the cylinders. If the clamps are too tight, they'll get wedged inside the cylinders, and maybe score the pistons.

I even had a ring pop out of below one clamp, but was able to slip it back in with my thumb nail. The head was much harder :shock:
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