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Apr 7, 2004
Well I hit the 10,000 mile mark on the 750. Iam kinda hard on the bike gone through two sets of serflex plates. I was pulling down the clutch for a wobble in the basket that I didn't like, "time for a fresh sealed bearing". Well it's also time for a third set of plates and I had also noted that there was a wear mark on my Dyno Dave clutch rod seal.
Tracing back it seemed the clutch rod was too short but was the same as others around. Checking back further: the one inch dia. by 1/8 roller in the clutch operating arm seemed slopy. Off comes the cover. It is a bushed roller with a bolt and nut holding it on. There was no bushing at all and the poor little bolt was almost cut in half. Renewing the pieces restored the proper 1/8 stick out of the rod on the drive side.
This has to be the only thing not taken down for a check durring the rebuild many years ago. Never seen this happen , took 10,000 miles to notice it.
Basket wobble is a stack up problem on Norton's The bearing must have some play but the state of the circlip behind the clutch and the tab washer under the nut can also give the play found on some bikes.
every little thing

Hey Norbsa, just a little tidbit here, my "official" Norton workshop manual calls for 70ft/lbs. of torque on the clutch nut,Les Emery of Norvil cautions that the circlip behind the clutch shears at 50ft/lbs!,he recommends 40ft/lbs. at the clutch nut.Ride safely. James.
Not open for further replies.