Electric motorcycles.

Jun 30, 2012
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Here in Australia, there is a lady who has built an electric motorcycle to make an attempt on the land speed record. Apparemtly is should be capable of doing 400 MPH.
That must be useful for something.
The noise of an electric motor really turns me on.
I think it is a conspiracy by party-poopers to destroy our fun.
Marlon Brando did a lot of damage.

'Some things are so bad that they are good'.
What is life when there is no fun ?
I seriously believe that many people have no sense of humour,
Riding a motorcycle is not about speed, except that when somebody else is on a similar bike to your own, yours has to be faster. But it is always better if your bike is not a lot faster.
It is the type of opprtunity which has been destroyed by nuclear weapons. Eric 'Winkle' Brown said he loved flying Spitfires during WW2.
I actually envy him.
Zero motorcycles (arguably the best electric motorbikes out there) are based in my town and I have several good friends who work there. Say what you will about electric bikes, they are FUN. Instant maximum torque, anywhere, anytime. Riding one of those fast and silent through the redwood forest is the closest thing to flying I've ever felt.

That said, when I pull up in the Zero parking lot on my loud, stinky, gas farting, oil spewing old turd, everyone within earshot comes to check out my bike. Most of the people who ride that work there have both an ICE bike and an electric bike, and are fans of riding bikes, not a silly dogma about what powers it.

They are different experiences. If you write either off completely, it says more about you than it. Why limit yourself to only talking about the bike you never ride?
My friend who died of cancer last year, was an ex-pat Brit. Just before he died, I told him ' I think we have lived in the best time ever'. My son told me his racing car computer game is 'just like the real thing'. He has never ridden a classic motorcycle. To me it is sad to think the next generation will be so depreived of an adrenalin rush. 'Some things are so bad, that thery are good' ? In this life, our achievements are only limted by our mindset' - what will the bnext generastion achieve ? I spend a lot of time wising-up my grand-daughters to what is good in life. They have my logic. When you go on a roller coaster, you can get an adrenalin rush, but you are not in control.
Most of the guys who ride motorcycles have probably never built a race bike out of parts and developed it until it has become competitive. I think they have missed a lot. In the future doing that will probably be impossible. The opportunity has gone forever. You might be able to create a better pair of football boots or socks.