dunstall center stand

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Dec 2, 2004
I have most of the parts for installing one, however I am having a problem fitting the stand to the brackets. the bushings for the stand are missing along with the bolts and the clearance between the stand and the brackets seems excessive. Does someone have any photos or the original installation instructions?
This might be a good time to consider the fix in the tech digest. I evolves larger metric blots and two standard metric bearings. Just takes a bit of time on a 90 degree face plate to bore the holes for the bearings.
Just jumped in this the Dunstall stand for the 2-1-2 exhaust system? Need a good photo of one to allow me to fabricate one... :lol:
Yes it is the 2-1-2 stand, I think norbsa thinks it was the standard stand, which I tried to modify many moons ago and destroyed a perfectly good stand. Will try and get you some photos, I am out of town will return Friday. I also have the 2-1-2 but I am thinking about converting it into a 2-1 with a mega.
Even on a standard 850 stand the bearing is almost breaking through at the sides. all the strain is up and down so it works. Your right I have never seen this 2-1-2 center stand and if the top side is narrower you would need to find a new way. I was thinking in terms of fixing the egged out holes in the frame by slightly enlarging them then using metric grade 8 bolts. You still could bush it though and use the metric bolts.
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