Dechrome a 850 Frame and swing arm

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Aug 8, 2005
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Hi all
I want to take chrome off a 74 850 frame and swing arm to restore the frame back to black and I was wondering how to go about doing this. The PO liked it shinny but I kind of want it closer to orig. Any input would be great. Also I am thinking of going to the Vernier Isolastics used on the Mk III’s, but there are many different types. What are the better units out there on the market? TY
I would check with a chrome plating shop. They should be able to strip off the chrome and under platings in one of their baths. (Remove all bearings and clean it before taking it there.) I think any other methods would be very time consuming and harmful to the frame.
Also, check very carefully for cracks, both before and after removal of the plating. Cracks visible in the chrome may not be in the frame, but make a note to check for them after stripping.
I mention this because there is a history of motorcycle frames developing cracks after being CHROME plated, but not other types of plating. I don't recall if the actual cause was ever determined.
Vernier isolastics

There are two types of front verniers that I'm aware of. The original front type is a bit wider at the abutments and won't fit in the earlier isolastic front can without some machining. The other type is thinner at the abutment and will fit. The later is harder to adjust while in the frame.

I haven't changed to the vernier setup yet. The front mount is pretty easy to remove and adjust with shims in a vice. The rear with shims is a real pain. If you wanted to go ecomonical, just convert the rear.
the reason for poss cracking under the plating is that when a crack appears in the chrome, this starts a weak point that leads to a crack through the frame tube as well just like a nick in a con rod would lead to a stress point & start a crack
Best and safest results for removing chrome/nickle plating is to let a plater do the job using an acid bath.

As far as cracks go due to chroming , in most cases the part would have likely broken by now. The chroming process can make the part brittle ( hydrogen embrittlement ) if not properly treated after the final chroming coat. .Parts that are brittle due to this process usually will BREAK in a very short period of time unlike a part that CRACKS over a longer period due to service fatigue.

My best guess is that if the frame has been chemically stripped then you should be able to see any discontinuities in the parts
If you have any doubt you can look for someone who does Non Destructive Testing to check it out for you
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