Clutch push rod

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Nov 27, 2006
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I have bought a clutch push rod seal from RGM but when I screwed the nut/seal onto the clutch centre I found that the push rod was entirley covered by it. When I screwed the adjuster in through the diaphram it appeared to be butting up against the seal and the clutch lever was completely slack with no clutch operation.

I fitted the original nut back and after adjustment the clutch operated normally

Is it possible for the push rod to wear or have I done something wrong
Push rod lengths do vary a lot and the if the cable actuator end isn't hard enough it concaves giving even more loss of length.


Free off the clutch cable/lever at the handle bar.

Screw the diaphram adjuster gently onto the seal

Screw the diaphram adjuster out at least half a turn and lock it.

Set the cable to suit.

You should have enough movement left in the actuator to give full stroke.

Worked for me.

I received an e-mail from Dave Comeau (dynodave) and he informs me that the RGM seal is likely to be a copy of his own original seal, as he has never supplied RGM with any of his own seals.

Therefore I would say that that the information on the dynodave atlanticgreen website that I posted the link to, should only be regarded as a guide when fitting the RGM version, although, the RGM seal may be a direct copy?
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